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What is the difference between a signage and a banner?

Signage and banners serve distinct purposes in advertising and communication. Signage encompasses a broad range of visual displays used to convey information or advertise a product, service, or event. Signs can take various forms, such as posters, billboards, window decals, and more, and they can be displayed in different ways—staked on the ground, hung on a pole, mounted on a wall, or affixed to a window, among others.

A banner, however, is a specific type of signage. It is typically a large piece of material, often made of vinyl or fabric, featuring eye-catching graphics, text, or imagery. Banners are designed to grab attention and convey a message effectively, making them a popular choice for advertising at events, promotions, or storefronts. Due to their size and visibility, a single banner has the power to capture the attention of multiple individuals simultaneously.

In summary, while signage encompasses a variety of visual communication tools, banners are a specific type of signage known for their large size and ability to attract attention.

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