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Heath and Environmental Advantages


HP Latex Printing
Green certification

What is the advantage with Latex Printing?

HP Latex prints are safe for shopping centers, child care centers, offices and home environments, because they are made with water-based latex inks, they do not produce harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the printing process. As a result, they are safer for people and pets to be around than prints made with solvent-based inks. HP Latex prints are also durable and resistant to fading, which makes them suitable for use in high-traffic areas such as shopping centers. In addition, they have received numerous environmental certifications, including Greenguard Gold and UL ECOLOGO, which certify that they meet strict emissions standards for indoor air quality.

Vinyl cut signs


Vinyl cut signs are signs that are made by cutting shapes out of a sheet of vinyl material. The vinyl is then applied to a substrate, such as a sign board or a window, to create the final sign. Vinyl cut signs are a popular choice for a variety of applications, including indoor and outdoor signs, vehicle graphics, and trade show displays.

In general. Vinyl cut signs are safe and do not produce harmful fumes. The vinyl material used to make the signs is a plastic that is stable and non-toxic. It is also durable and resistant to fading, which makes it suitable for use in a variety of environments. vinyl cut signs are a safe and effective way to create attractive, long-lasting signs for a variety of applications.

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